A conversation with Christine Wertheim

Although primarily known for the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Christine Wertheim’s book +|’me’S-pace playfully explores the intersection b/t poetry & physics. In a 2010 interview she described her evolution from painter to poet: “I had developed a question I couldn’t explore visually.” This question led her towards litteral poetics or language as Tongues: “I was trying to understand the idea of 0/Nothing..For me this was somehow connected to space-time, because in physics space-time is supposed to be a pure form. All the forces & substances of the universe are somehow kinks or depressions or knots in space-time..one day it just came to me that if you reverse the word & slightly alter the graphics of the symbols you get +|’me’S-pace, which I interpreted as representing the rhythm through which a being shifts between the position of agent & the position of patient. I saw this as the form/substance of the psychological universe, or mutli0verse, as I prefer to call it.”