Frequently Asked Questions

Quick EoB Tutorial: How To Add To The Archive

What is the archive?

The archive is an on-going collaboration with our readers to create a multi-dimensional story about art made and seen in the Los Angeles area. We talk about art as a general concept, that while primarily focused on contemporary visual art in all its manifestations, also includes a wider perspective that includes architecture and design, music, dance, film and experimental theater. The archive is a searchable site where many pieces of evidence, from many sources, are collected and sorted. As patterns of interest emerge the editors then seek interpretative essays to further interrogate this evolving history.

Why should I add to the archive?

At any given time there are several dominant narratives that seek to explain and validate the art that is being shown and discussed, which leaves much else to be overlooked and forgotten. Relying solely on these accounts thus leads to an erasure of voices that are underrepresented. This means that our collective understanding of who we are and what we have made to shape that understanding is woefully incomplete. It is central to East of Borneo’s mission to find ways to fill these art historical gaps, and we need your help to do that.

What can I add to the archive?

You can add an image or a PDF file, you can link to a page on another website, or to a video on YouTube/Vimeo, or to a sound file on Soundcloud. In all cases, we’d ask that you focus on material that is relevant to the editorial focus of the site and enriches the existing material.

What file types can I upload?

You can upload any .jpg or .tiff file from your desktop, as long as it is 300 dpi, or less. You can also upload a pdf file. Or you can link to any file on the internet that is preceded by http://

Can I upload my own photos/videos I have taken to the archive?

Yes, you can upload your own pictures of people, places, objects, events. If you are working in an archive you might consider scanning a document page, or an old photograph. As with all uploads, please focus on images that are relevant and allowed under our terms of use.

Right now we support video sharing in the form of linking to video that is hosted elsewhere on the web, such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you want to add your video to East of Borneo, upload it to one of these sites and share it with us.

What should I upload as a text? Can it be anecdotal/personal?

A first person account of an event, or remembrance of a person, can be of enormous value to the historical record. But as such things can also raise privacy questions, we ask that you speak with the editors before posting, by contacting us at

I wrote something/I have an opinion piece, Can I upload that to the archives?

The archive is intended to be informational, not an op-ed page. If you are interested in developing an interpretative essay please contact the editors at with a proposal.

Can I upload current affairs or does it have to be historical?

Current events have a way of becoming history, so yes. But be careful, we are not a news site, nor a gossip sheet, and if the editors consider a post inappropriate they will take it down.

I have a great collection of materials that I’d like to share on your site but none of it has been digitized. Can you do that for me?

Possibly, yes, but we do this only in very special cases. If you have material you’d like to share and it can’t be uploaded directly through our upload forms, email us at We’ll see what we can do.

Why am I required to add a title and description?

Adding an accurate title and description will make finding and reading material on East of Borneo a better experience for everyone. A short description helps readers understand why you posted the image, and gives you space to link your discovery to other material in the archive. We want to make uploading an easy experience, so whenever possible our system will grab data for the item you are linking to. For most items it will auto-fill the title and description fields as well as adding thumbnail images for you to choose from. For other items, you’ll need to add your own title and description.

Can I edit the title and description that was generated by my linked item? 

Yes, you can and should if you think it would better describe the item you are uploading.

Can I edit/delete my post once it is up?

Yes, as long as you are signed-in you can return to your post and edit it.

Am I allowed to use and share any links?

East of Borneo is aligned with the Creative Commons movement, meaning we seek to work within a space where artists and writers can legally share information as they build their work. This does not mean we are against the protections of copyright, only that we believe that knowledge grows through the fair use of information. However not all agree, and sometimes owners of a copyright demand we take down a link, or erect a paywall. We think this unfortunate, but there it is.

If I copy/paste a text, is that plagiarism? How does citing/sourcing work?

While we believe in the free flow of information, it is tremendously important to acknowledge the work other people and collecting institutions have done. The concept of ‘fair use’ allows you to make use of the work of others as you construct your own argument; you may not claim that work as your own. Making note of a source also allows other readers to pursue research, and possibly discover further items of interest.

What are some unreliable sources?

 There are many blogs and websites run by individuals with a passionate interest in some niche of information. If they do not have an editorial process of some kind it can be difficult to assess the accuracy of what they say, or judge the context from which it springs. Again, if you have a concern, please contact us at

Do I have to get permission of the artist before sharing their work?

If the work has been publicly shown, then in general terms you do not need permission, but if the artist is a contemporary then it is a courtesy to let them know.

What are tags? How do they function?

Tags are keywords or labels that describe the item you are posting. Adding tags make it possible for us to sort and group related items together. It will also make your items easier to find and more likely to appear in search results. Please use them! To maximize effectiveness it is best to limit the number of tags on any given entry.

What kind of tags should I use?

Some examples of good tags might be artists’ names, genres, media, movements, themes, dates (probably most helpful in decade format, i.e. 1970s). Think about what other users are most likely to search. If you make your tags too narrow or obscure, the items will be less likely to appear in search results.

My post got taken off, why is that?

We do not support self-promotion, or trolling. We will remove press releases and links to most individual websites and blogs. We will also remove rants and personal attacks, and any conspiracy theorizing.