A House to Make Life Easy: Robert A. Heinlein’s Colorado Springs Home

“In 1950-51, the Heinleins built a new house in the Broadmoor district of Colorado Springs. Being a newly developed area, they were allowed to choose their own house number. It will surprise few that they chose 1776. This article was written shortly after the completion of the house, and shows off Heinlein’s innately clever design abilities. Many of the features are now common in more recent houses. Although his direct influence is probably nil, his ability to see future developments is again impressive. The house, city, and its substantial bomb shelter are featured prominently in the novel Farnham’s Freehold. The house was sold when the Heinlein’s moved to Santa Cruz in the mid-1960s.”

The house was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine (June 1952) and the article is presented here in its original layout. It begins, “In what kind of house will the captain of a space ship live during his stopovers on Earth?”

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Stacey on December 21, 2010