A Solace Made

I come from L.A. and went to Paris in celebration of a new year & a mission to endow for the arts this urban fabled city has contributed much to the world. I felt such gratitude during this visit and of course to offer a piece of my craft. Many of us know the great sites within Paris and the astounding significance they each hold for the arts primarily the Louvre, but the beauty through simplicity was my objective through my ideal shot of Paris. It wasn’t a shot of the Eiffel Tower nor a shot of the Arc de Triomphe or even a scenic of the banks of the Seine, but it was from the view of a rented apartment’s balcony window with all the grace of Paris that had drifted through. That last day I sat, breathed in, snapped, and smiled with a tranquil moment that concluded the beauty of this city. A solace made.

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PARKn_Shoot on January 5, 2011