Agnès Varda, “Huey” (1968)

Huey, 1968. 31 min, French/English. Interesting quote from 2009 article in The Independent:

“Varda and her husband had two extended spells in California, first in the late 1960s when [Jacques] Demy made Model Shop for Columbia, possibly the most melancholic studio film ever set in Los Angeles… And she filmed the then-ascendant Black Panther movement. Varda can counter with such political interests when people ask her, often reproachfully, whether she regrets missing May ’68 in Paris. In California, she says, “We had peace and love, we had flower children, we had love-ins and sit-ins and huge free concerts. What we found was a real desire for brotherhood that was magnificent, that wasn’t just about making demands. I wasn’t [in Paris], that’s all there is to it—but I saw things they didn’t see.”