Anaïs Nin in Los Angeles

In the 1950s Anaïs Nin began splitting her time between NYC & LA. In each city she had a different husband, both unaware of the other. A pioneer of literary diary writing, Nin was involved with the psychoanalytic & surrealist movements of the 30s-40s, the beats & the counterculture of the 60s. She also appeared in films such as Deren’s Ritual in Transfigured Time. In 1955 she married Rupert Pole & the couple soon began planning their 1,400 sq ft house in Silver Lake w/ Eric Lloyd Wright. Nin envisaged “a house of air and glass surrounded by water.” Completed in 1962 for $22,000, the house’s location allowed Nin to engage w/ the counterculture. Early as 1955 Nin tried LSD & her work gained wide acceptance during the psychedelic movement. After Nin’s death Pole continued to live in the house, editing her unexpurgated diaries. “We had a wonderful, deep relationship and that is what counted” says Pole. “I was not interested in conventional women or in conventional marriage.”