Apple’s New Headquarters

New Yorker Architecture Critic Paul Goldberger on Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California: “Foster has proposed a gargantuan glass-and-metal ring, four stories high, with a hole in the middle a third of a mile wide. The building, which will house upwards of twelve thousand employees, will have a circumference of a mile, and will be so huge that you won’t really be able to perceive its shape, except from the air. Like everything Foster does, it will be sleek and impeccably detailed, but who wants to work in a gigantic donut? Steve Jobs, speaking to the Cupertino City Council, likened the building to a spaceship. But buildings aren’t spaceships, any more than they are iPhones.” Source: Paul Goldberger, “ Apple’s New Headquarters,” New Yorker (online), September 20, 2011.