Beatriz Cortez Interviewed by Rafa Esparza 

“Beatriz Cortez is a Los Angeles-based artist and scholar. She was born in El Salvador and has lived in the United States since 1989. Her work explores simultaneity, life in different temporalities, and different versions of modernity, particularly in relation to memory and loss in the aftermath of war and the experience of migration, as well as in relation to imagining possible futures. Cortez and I have collaborated on several projects over the last year. I talked with her about her participation in the Made in L.A. 2018 biennial at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; her simultaneous installation at the Bowtie Project, commissioned by Clockshop; and other musings about her work.

—Rafa Esparza”

From Rafa Esparza, “Simultanaeities: Beatriz Cortez Interviewed by Rafa Esparza,” BOMB Magazine, 2018.