Contemporary Black Artists in America, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 6 April- 16 May 1971

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from Susan E. Cahan, Mounting Frustration: The Art Museum in the Age of Black Power (Durham N.C.: Duke University Press, 2016)


“Artist Fred Eversley orchestrated his own subversive intervention when Doty [Robert M. Doty, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art] visited his studio in Venice, California, the curator also saw some work by Elyn Zimmerman, a Caucasian artist who was Eversley’s assistant and a student at UCLA. Doty didn’t meet Zimmerman face to face but, at Eversley’s suggestion, agreed to include her work in the show. Eversley chose to remain in the exhibition (as did Zimmerman) but this action poked a hole in its race-based premise…”