Craig Hodgetts – EXPERIMENTAL IMPULSE Interview (2011)

In this interview Craig Hodgetts, the founding associate dean of the former Calarts Design School, discusses the program. He talks about assembling the faculty along with the other design deans (Richard Farson and Peter Pearce) and the conceptualization of the program. The design school was an attempt to radically re-think the field of design’s relation to the world through education – a response to the major social changes going on at the time. Here he also reflects on his 1973 Artforum article “Biography of a Teaching Machine” that criticized the architectural embodiment of Calarts. Also discussed in this interview is Hodgett’s thoughts on why the Design School at Calarts was cancelled. Interview conducted by Benjamin Tong (2011). (Image track consists of images from various sources found while researching the former Design School. Excerpted from a video titled “Prologue to a (Future) Community” for the Experimental Impulse at the REDCAT).