Ed Soja on The Bonaventure Hotel

Ed Soja discusses the postmodern nature of the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. “The Bonaventure has become a focal point for the debate on Postmodernism, ever since its discovery as a Postmodern hyperspace by [cultural theorist] Fredric Jameson some years ago…It’s a landscape that’s highly fragmented. It’s a space that de-centers you, makes you feel lost. And in this feeling of being lost and dislocated, you feel that your only recourse is to submit to authority. You’re helpless, you’re made helpless, you’re peripheralized, you’re lost in these spaces. And the way you accommoodate yourself to them, and the way that you survive in them, is essentially to submit to forms of overseeing, social control, authority–often invisible, by the way, because part of being lost is that even when you’re willing to submit to authority, you can’t find it!”