Exhibit of LGBT Latinx Art Tears Down Exclusion — and Comfort Zones

From LA Weekly (June 16, 2017):

“At the entrance to LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes’ new exhibit “¡Mírame! Expressions of Queer Latinx Art,” visitors can pick up a glossary of the LGBT terminology they’ll be confronted with in the art and its explanatory text. In both English and Spanish, it defines words like cisgender, genderqueer and intersectionality, and also words like lesbian, gay and sex. They’re not talking down to anyone; they’re orienting everyone.”

“The exhibit confronts the exclusion of queer and brown people by being radically inclusive, but without watering down the content to conform to comfort zones.”

“[Curator Erendina A.] Delgadillo says, ‘It seemed like after all those discussions, especially at this moment politically, it was time to talk about how we exclude or include people, and how we draw those boundaries, who has the power to draw those boundaries and what effects they have on communities and people.'”