Inside / Outside / In (performer / audience / mirror / dan graham / 1975), 2010

Dorit Cypis’ designed the performative work Inside/Outside/In, 2010, for the gallery Dan Graham in Chinatown, LA, in relation to Dan Graham’s seminal 1975 performance, Performer/ Audience/Mirror. In a surrealist, often comic manner, Cypis engages Graham’s earlier formal reflections on “seeing” with more liminal psychic elements of myth, memory, history, dream, fantasy and desire. Dan Graham, the gallery space, provides an architectural container and a provocative memory of Dan Graham the artist, generating a displacement between artist, history, space, and viewer. Dan Graham the artist is a muse here, a participant in memory. The interior of Dan Graham gallery is extended out into the street with an arrangement of chairs for an audience who bring with them their spent worlds, perceptions and projections.