Irradiador (1923), Mexican avant-garde journal

Motto: “Will make reactionaries lose sleep, and will affirm all the anxieties of the present hour.”

Three issues of the legendary Mexican avant-garde journal Irradiador (1923), available as PDF via UbuWeb. From their notes:

“The Irradiador journal was edited by the artist Fermín Revueltas (1902-1935) and was the major early voice for the Mexican avant-garde movement called Estridentismo. The journal was short-lived, and only saw three issues: September, October, and November of 1923. Still, it saw contributions by major players in the international avant-gardes, all the while staying carefully attuned to Estridentismo‘s present social concerns for post-revolutionary Mexico. The journal’s foremost concern was the propagation of the new aesthetics in Mexico, and furthering the cultural project of the Mexican revolution.”