Laura Owens, “Fruits and Nuts” (2011)

“Fruits and Nuts” is a handmade board book by Laura Owens that was published by Ooga Booga in 2011. As described on the artist’s website: “It takes its title from a play on the joke about California being full of fruits and nuts. The pages of each book are hand-glued with actual newsprint from different Californian 1960s newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Berkeley Barb, and Los Angeles Times, and then silkscreened, making each book truly unique. Inside pages are screenprinted with an illustrated alphabet of fruits and nuts. Covers are hand-painted by the artist, and vary in color. Each copy is entirely handmade and features different original newsprint on each page.”

More images can be found at the Ooga Booga website, and you can win one at our EATS of Borneo event on November 10. More details here.