Meet the Board at MOCA

A list of MoCA voting and non-voting board members as of October 3, 2012:

Steven Mnuchin (Finance)
Edward Minskoff (Real Estate/Development)
Charles Cohen (Real Estate/Development)
Fred Sands (Homebuilding/Development)
Peter Brant (Publishing/Arts)
Eugenio Lopez Alonso (Beverage Maker)
Jeffrey Soros (Film/Philanthropy)
Laurent Degryse (Venture Capital)
David Johnson (Co-chair, Film/Entertainment)
Maria Arena Bell (Co-chair, TV/Entertainment)
Lilly Tartikoff Karatz (TV/Homebuilding)
Clifford J. Einstein (Chair emeritus, Advertising)
Dallas Price-Van Breda (President emeritus, Education/Philanthropy)
Charles L. Conlan II (Finance)
Gil Friesen (Music/Entertainment)
Susan Gersh
NancyJane Goldston (Advertising/Entertainment)
Richard J. Grad (Law)
Lauren King (Design/Entertainment)
Wonmi Kwon
Timothy J. Leiweke (Real Estate/Development, CEO of AEG)
Lillian Pierson Lovelace (Philanthropy)
Peter Morton (Hospitality/Development)
Carolyn Powers (Philanthropy)
Darren Star (TV/Entertainment)
Jamie Tisch (Philanthropy)
Ari Emanuel (Entertainment)
Maurice Marciano (Apparel Manufacturing)

Life Trustees (non-voting)
Eli Broad
Betye Monell Burton
Blake Byrne
Lenore S. Greenberg
Audrey Irmas
Frederick M. Nicholas
Tom Unterman

For a full list of trustees, their backgrounds, and their tenure at MOCA, click here.

SOURCE: Mike Boehm, “Meet the Board at MOCA,” Los Angeles TImes September 19, 2012, and Mike Boehm, “Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, Guess’ Maurice Marciano Join MOCA Board, Los Angeles TImes, October 3, 2012.

IMAGE: David Johnson, MOCA Board of Trustees Co-chair onstage at MOCA NEW 30th anniversary gala, November 14, 2009.