MOCA Board Exits Pile Up

“The troubles of L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art intensified with the resignation of noted artist John Baldessari from its board. “To live with my conscience, I just had to do it.” Baldessari said in an interview Thursday after emailing his decision to MOCA. He said his reasons include the recent ouster of respected chief curator Paul Schimmel and news this week that the pop-cultural slant the museum has taken under director Jeffrey Deitch will continue with an exhibition on disco music’s influence on art and culture. “When I heard about that disco show I had to read it twice. At first I thought ‘this is a joke’ but I realized, no, this is serious. That just reaffirmed my decision,” he said. MOCA officials did not respond to requests for comment before deadline. Baldessari is the fifth MOCA board member to leave since February. His exit after 12 years is another signal that the old guard of L.A.’s contemporary art scene has grown disenchanted with its direction under Deitch.” Source: Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, July 13, 2012.