MOCA: Eli Broad discusses ousting of Paul Schimmel

“Inside the 12th floor conference room of his Broad Foundation in Westwood sat Eli Broad, the man the art world wanted to hear from after the forced resignation of Paul Schimmel, the longtime chief curator of L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Broad, who helped found MOCA in 1979 and is now its biggest donor, didn’t have an official vote in the museum board’s decision to oust Schimmel — his status as a “life trustee” means he’s not a voting member. But he was present for a portion of the June 25 meeting where MOCA’s co-chairs, David Johnson and Maria Bell, negotiated an agreement calling for Schimmel to be paid his full salary for another year. (According to the most recent tax records, Schimmel was paid $235,000 in 2010.) “It was no one event,” Broad said of the board’s action. “It was time for Paul and the museum to have a new beginning.” That new beginning is now firmly in the hands of Jeffrey Deitch, the New York art dealer brought in two years ago as MOCA’s director.” Source: Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, July 7, 2012