MOCA Mobilization petition builds support worldwide

In just under one week, MOCA Mobilization’s online petition has gathered signatures from over 1300 individuals in 25 countries around the world, quickly approaching its stated goal of 1,500 signatures. Adding their names in support are prominent artists on both coasts, including Cindy Sherman, Stephen Prina, Joan Jonas, Allan Sekula, Andrea Fraser, Allan McCollum, Morgan Fisher, Charles Gaines, Lari Pittman, Sam Durant, Fritz Haeg, Richard Hawkins, Suzanne Lacy, William Leavitt, A.L. Steiner, and W.A.G.E (Working Artists for the Greater Economy). There has also been growing support among curators, gallerists, historians and writers, with a list that currently includes Artists Space director Stefan Kalmar, curator Ruba Katrib, writers Michael Ned Holte and Chris Kraus, and historians Howard Singerman, George Baker, Julian Myers and Jenni Sorkin.

A few notable figures have submitted their signature with comment, and we’ve selected a few particularly quotable ones to share with you below:

“Please don’t let the museum descend to a pop culture playground, or the brag site for a few wealthy art collectors. Please recognize that MOCA’s curators have been the leaders in bringing Los Angeles artists into serious view to the rest of the world, which is so important, as some of the world’s best artists are in Los Angeles.”
—Allan McCollum

“MOCA—its history, accomplishments, and potential—is a terrible thing to waste.”
—Stephen Prina

“MOCA is one of the world’s most important museums with amazing exhibitions over the years. Its existence is vital for contemporary art in Los Angeles, an important center for all of us worldwide.”
—Joan Jonas

“Eli Broad should have asked Claes Oldenberg to design his new museum as a soft garbage can ready to receive MOCA as it falls from upper Grand [Ave.] to lower.”
—Allan Sekula

“The artists on the Board had been serving as voices for the rest of us. To see them resign in futility is enough reason for a total reconsideration of MOCA’s changed relationship to contemporary art.”
—Richard Hawkins

“This is not a matter of democratic or elitist trends for the museum, I think, but rather one of artistic excellence—an excellence that is being challenged at its core.”
—Suzanne Lacy

“[At] this point, should any artist be worried to speak up? Will you not be included in Madonna’s new curatorial effort?”
—Elad Lassry