Öyvind Fahlström, “Mao-Hope March,” 1966

Transcript (excerpt)
Wait a second! Let me see. I don’t know. That isn’t Bob Hope but I don’t know who he is. I like Bob Hope, that’s for sure.
Are you happy generally?
Oh yes, I love the television.
What makes you happy?
Television, because I’m very lonesome without….
Are you happy?
Very tough question. Up and down.
How about you, sir? Are you happy?…
Yes, I just came back from Mexico. Why not? I went all through the States to Mexico, why shouldn’t I be happy? I went on that $99 thing that Greyhound gave out. I took every day the world what it was. So why shouldn’t I be happy?

From Öyvind Fahlström, “Mao-Hope March,” 1966. Film, 16mm, black and white, sound, 4:30. Filmed Sept. 1, 1966 in New York City.

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