Download “Remote/Control: Astral Projection in Higher Ed” PDF

Published by East of Borneo Books in 2020, Remote/Control is an assemblage of essays, email diaries, experimental syllabi, memes, and observations produced by artist-faculty at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broadcast from within the maelstrom, some reports are fragmentary, mutable, unfinished — all are urgent. As such, this digital publication, and its printed facsimile, archives the experiences of twelve artists interrogating the cracks that are opening up within institutions of higher ed, and the prospects and failures of teaching art post-Zoom.

With contributions from Adriana Widdoes, Janet Owen Driggs, Emma Kemp, Jaymee Martin, Zachary Leener, Maya Gurantz, Nika Simovich Fisher, Anonymous, Cara Levine, Thomas Lawson, Cole M. James, and Linda Swanson.