Stephen Prina discusses “As He Remembered It” | LACMA

From LACMA Unframed: “Sometime in the early to mid-1980s, [artist Christopher] Williams and I were on La Brea Avenue late at night, and from across the street we could see, in a storefront window, a lighted pink object. And we thought, “What is that thing?” We couldn’t identify it from that distance and so we walked across the street and got closer to it; and there was a label identifying the object in the window, identifying it as a piece of furniture by R.M. Schindler. And it was pink, and it was very clear that it had been a built-in piece of furniture from one of his buildings, it had been ripped out of its context and that it was presented as an autonomous object. And at the time that seemed to be an atrocity to us, that this design that was very holistic, of an entire building that incorporated built-ins, had been violated and this element had been taken out of its context. An act of violence, in a way.”