The Harvey Girl From Shanghai (2010) Dir. Michael Frost Screenplay: Samm Hill and Woolsey Ackerman Story: Michael Frost and Walter Reuben Director of Photography Andrew Sachs Producer, Charles Wright for Walter Reuben, Inc. & Helsinki Productions

Judy Garland and Orson Welles, in early 1945 are about to go into production on their films THE HARVEY GIRLS and THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI. . What happened? Louella Parsons in 1956 from her office, Welles in 1955 while working in Europe and Garland in 1954 on the set of A STAR IS BORN tell their stories about this unfinished holy grail of film history. Bits of the production are extant including a 1945 pre-trailer; a scene in Chinatown between the Garland character (Susan Bradley) and the Welles character (Michael O’Hara) for which only stills exist; a musical number with Garland, for which the sound has been lost and an alternate “film noir” ending written by Lillian Hellman.