The Unbearable Connectednes of Everything

In 1999, ZKM, the media museum and “electronic Bauhaus” housed in a glass and steel industrial building in Karlsruhe, Germany, presented net-condition, an early museum survey of artists making work with the internet as both subject and material. At that moment there was an optimistic sense that new possibilities for social, commercial, and artistic interaction were emerging. Peter Weibel, the curator, believed that, “In this rich field of opportunities, utopian and emancipatory hopes re-appear on stage; equality of chances, world citizenship, participation without borders are regarded as technically doable and are promoted by private communities, while the global players in the commercial world go for their goals with the very same technical means.
At present, net art is the driving force, which is the most radical in transforming the closed system of the aesthetic object of modern art into the open system of post-modern (or second modern) fields of action.”

Josephine Berry wrote a review for Telepolis, and it can be found here:

»net_condition«, Ausstellung im ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, 23. September 1999 – 27. Februar 2000

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