Yield To Total Elation (The Art of Achilles G. Rizzoli, outsider architect)

A. G. Rizzoli was born in Port Reyes, CA in 1896, the youngest of five children. Although not formally trained, Rizzoli honed his drafting skills at the San Francisco Architecture Club, where he worked for 40 years. In 1923 he began writing literary fiction about his experiences at the club, and received 280 rejection notices. Finally, in 1933, he self-published under the pen name “Peter Meter-maid.” In the following decades, Rizzoli privately produced many stunning and whimsical architectural renderings done in colored ink on rag paper. Some of the drawings were symbolic portraits of friends and family, depicted as buildings. He gave titles to his series like Y.T.T.E. (Yield to Total Elation) or A.M.T.E. (Architecture Made to Entertain). Rizzoli’s work, in his own words, document a life lived “in an unbelievably hermetically sealed spherical inalienable maze of light and sound seeing imagery expand in every direction.”

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