Yippie Protest at Disneyland, 1970

On August 6, 1970, the Yippies (shorthand for the anti-war group known as the Youth International Party) gathered at Disneyland to mark the anniversary of bombing Hiroshima, and to protest the Bank of America, a sponsor of Disneyland and supporter of the Vietnam War. On the day’s schedule was a Black Panther hot breakfast, a feminist liberation of Minnie Mouse, and a smoke-in on Tom Sawyer’s island. After the smoke-in, Yippies got into scuffles with the police, and Disneyland closed five hours early. The site below offers more photos of the infamous day, and recollections from witnesses, such as Barry, a former cast member of Disneyland, who said: “It was a long day and nothing really happened in my area until late afternoon. A Conga line was forming and about 25 or more Yippies snaked through the Main Street hub area chanting “LSD has a hold on me.”