Utopia For Some
Last updated: October 26, 2021
Since the Gold Rush Americans have been traveling across country to California in search of a better life; seeking riches, health, or spiritual transcendence. A self-selecting elite, some came as part of existing religious groups, others came to establish their own. Some wanted to establish a more egalitarian society, showing by example that communities could be structured as collaborative partnerships. Others wanted to leave city life behind, and find health and happiness in a return to blissful nature. All shared a utopian faith in improvement, that life would be better in the bright, healthful sunshine of the Golden State, and even better if removed from the perceived oppressive regulations imposed by the State on individuals. These various counter-cultural impulses have both inspired and intrigued artists, and this Collection takes a look at both the history of utopian communes in Southern California, and a variety of responses to that history.
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