Art+Feminism: Women+Comedy

Sunday, March 3, 2019, 12–5pm
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

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As part of Art+Feminism‘s annual worldwide edit-a-thon, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles presents this edit-a-thon focused on Women+Comedy. 

Noon and 3pm: Art+Feminism Ambassador Stacey Allan leads a one-hour Wikipedia training workshop to walk you step by step through the process of creating and improving Wikipedia articles. Bring your laptop or tablet computer, power adapter, and any reference materials you’d like to work from or share.

2pm: A mid-afternoon comedy break with the stand-up comedy series JOSH, featuring performances by Michelle Tea, Tara Jepson, Kirsten Kuppenbender, and Atsuko Okatsuka.

The event is FREE, beginners are welcome, and people of all gender expressions and identities are encouraged to attend.

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This event is part of a monthlong series of Art+Feminism LA events co-sponsored by East of Borneo, which marks its sixth year as Art+Feminism’s Los Angeles–based presenting partner. For a full list of events, visit

Art+Feminism is a global do-it-yourself campaign to combat gender bias and improve the coverage of women, intersectional feminism, and the arts on Wikipedia, the world’s fifth most popular website. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, but not everyone does. Studies show that fewer than 16% of Wikipedia contributors identify as female and 75% are under the age of 30; content is skewed by the lack of representation by women and important stories remain untold. We’re working to change that.

Illustration: Joanna Neborsky

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