LAFMS Live at the L.A. Art Book Fair

Thursday, January 30, 2014, 6–9pm
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Free opening night performances presented by East of Borneo and The Box on the KCHUNG Radio Stage.

8pm: Airway
7pm: Extended Organ
6pm: John Wiese + Ted Byrnes

Join us to celebrate the opening night of Printed Matter’s L.A. Art Book Fair with a special performance by the seminal West Coast experimental music collective known as The Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS). For more than 40 years, the LAFMS have had an immeasurable influence on the development of noise and avant-garde music scenes around the world. East of Borneo and The Box are proud to present this night of improvised performances by AIRWAY andEXTENDED ORGAN, with an opening set by JOHN WIESE + TED BYRNES, on the KCHUNG Radio Stage.

Airway is a noise orchestra created by Joe Potts in 1977. For this one-night performance, 16 on-stage musicians (Ama, Ted Byrnes, Chip Chapman, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Juan Gomez, Joseph Hammer, Kevin Laffey, Maya, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Dani Tull, Vetza, and John Wiese) will be joined by “Team Airway Japan”—a group of 9 celebrated Japanese improvisers (including members of Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, and Soundings) who have contributed recordings to be layered into the sound field by Potts.

Extended Organ is Tom Recchion, Joe Potts, Fredrik Nilsen, and Paul McCarthy with Alex Stevens. Mike Kelley was a longtime member of the group and continues to be a contributing member by virtue of the sound recordings he provided to the group before his death. Formed in 1994, they “produce a dynamic otherworldly ambience that can be simultaneously hilarious and ominously frightening.”

John Wiese and Ted Byrnes are two of L.A.’s finest improvising musicians and will perform together on electronics and percussion, respectively.

Printed Matter’s L.A. Art Book Fair 2014 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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