Guadalupe Rosales: Legends Never Die, A Collective Memory (2018)

“Since 2015, artist Guadalupe Rosales has been building an archive of vernacular photographs and ephemera connected to Latinx culture in Los Angeles. Her projects exist as both archives of physical objects and crowd sourced digital archives, assembled on her widely followed Instagram accounts: Veteranas & Rucas and Map Pointz. Guided by an instinct to create counternarratives, Rosales tells the stories of communities often underrepresented in official archives and public memory. Rosales views her work as a way of decriminalizing and reframing the history of brown youth, as well as connecting and reconstituting community.”

Image: Mind Crime Hookers party crew on 6th Street Bridge, Boyle Heights, 1993, photographer Unknown, courtesy of Guadalupe Rosales.