Joanie 4 Jackie by Miranda July

Described as “an alternative system for women moviemakers,” Miranda July founded Joanie 4 Jackie in 1995 after dropping out of college and relocating to the Pacific Northwest. Citing her own isolation as inspiration for the project, July asked women to send a personal letter and a high quality copy of their film. “You can do no wrong: advice, questions, schemes, scams, confessions,” says the Joanie 4 Jackie website. “The chances are very high that at least one of these ladies will know what you’re talking about.” Every woman who sends her short film will receive a Chainletter tape in the mail. Since 2003 a group of students at Bard College have been administering the Joanie4Jackie project. Send your tapes (20 minutes or less on DVD, mini-dv, or VHS) to them at:

1-2-3-GO! Joanie 4 Jackie

c/o The Bard Film Department

PO Box 5000

Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504