MOCA Switches on Filling Chief Curator’s Job – Bloomberg

MOCA’s executive committee reversed the decision to forgo filling Chief Curator position reports Bloomberg News.

In a letter sent to museum trustees by Maria Bell and David G. Johnson, the executive committee co-chair’s note that they “‘wanted to ensure we had the necessary financial commitments in place for a special curatorial fund to endow the position.'”

“Schimmel, who [had] been at the museum for 22 years, earned $259,680 with benefits during the year that ended on June 30, 2011, the most recent period for which data are available. He was the second-highest-paid employee at the museum; Deitch earned $649,621 during the same year.”

“Once Funding is in place, the museum will form a committee to identify candidates, according to the letter.”

Source: Christopher Palmeri and Katya Kazakina, “Los Angeles MOCA Switches on Filling Chief Curator’s Job,” Bloomberg News, August 7, 2012. Continue Reading at link below: