Vision magazine, Issue 1, 1975 (PDF)

“Museums and magazines, […] because they do not talk to artists, sometimes get hold of an art idea previously unknown to them and mishandle it. This is happening now with performance or action art. Galleries and art magazines cause confusion by mixing it up with dance, theater, music and other forms outside the visual arts.”—Tom Marioni, 1975. Published in the introduction to the first issue of his magazine Vision, an “artist-oriented publication, presenting works and material only from artists.”

The full pdf of Vision, edited by Marioni and published by Kathan Brown of Crown Point Press in San Francisco can be downloaded above. It features contributions by California artists Bruce Conner, Paul Kos, Bonnie Sherk, Linda Montano, Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Michael Asher, Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Allen Ruppersberg, Chris Burden, Eleanor Antin, Barbara T. Smith, and Wayne Thiebaud, among others.